Q1. I have a severe burning sensation when I pass urine. My husband says there is a reddish portion near my vagina. My previous doctor has prescribed antibiotics, but I am not getting any relief. I am 65 years old.

Reddish marks in the vagina at this age are usually caused due to atrophy of the vaginal skin, which breaks off, causing the spots. At this age, it is caused due to lack of the hormone oestrogen. Local oestrogen creams or tablets could help in this condition.

Q2. I get no lubrication during intercourse. I stopped getting periods 4 years back.

Menopause could bring about lack of lubrication during intercourse. Local lubricant creams or oestrogen creams could help

Q3. I have itching near my private parts. I tried betnovate C, but the itching is increasing.

Commonest cause for itching in the vulva is fungal infection. Lack of oestrogen in menopause could aggravate it. Antifungal creams along with local oestrogen therapy could help. Other infections should be looked for and treated.

Q4. I get recurrent bouts of itching. It goes off for some time when I wash with hot water, but it returns after that.

Commonest cause of itching is fungal infection. Antifungal creams could help. If it is assossiated with fungal vaginitis, antifungal vaginal pessaries and creams could help. In a menopausal woman, local estrogen preparations may be needed along with it.

Q5. I get severe pain near my private parts. My doctor prescribed Evalon cream, but I cannot tolerate it. I get severe burning when I apply it. What can I do?

There is a condition called vulvodynia, which is difficult to treat. Local application of anaesthetic gel into the vagina, local injections with lignocaine, etc is some of the treatment modalities.

Questions and Answers compiled by:

Dr.Shobhana Mohandas. MD.DGO.FICOG.

Consultant Gynaecologist, Sun Medical centre, Thrissur, Kerala.

Email: shobhanamohandas@yahoo.co.in.